Nick Jr.. this one's for you!!!

What do you do when you have 3 young kids and an abundance in costumes that have been worn once?? Why, recycle them of course!!! This year, we reused Bailey's monkey costume to make Hunter "Boots", we got Bailey a Dora costume, and thanks to AAA's maps, converted Landon into just that! :) Dora, Boots and the Map.. it doesn't get any more economy friendly than that! Who knew cheap could look SO darn cute?!
And just to make sure everyone knew, we inscribed Landon's new identity to his newly elongated upper half! :) Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. What a clever idea! Happy to see you and your darlings had a wonderful holiday! I will definitely be bugging you for advice when I have kids, you are such a pro!

  2. Your kids are SO Cute. So Seriously Cute.